Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 More Days

This has been the longest week ever. I say that every week, but I swear, each week gets longer than the last.

I recently started getting these massive headaches once I get home from school, and I have no idea what causes them. At first I thought my contacts were the culprit because I couldn't see as well out of them as I used to, so I tried to wear my glasses, but that didn't work either. Once one of them hits, it hurts so bad that I have to lay down and I don't feel like moving ever ever again, but eventually my (constantly) growling stomach forces me to get up in search of food. At least there's only two more week days, then the weekend, which are the only two days I look forward too, because I finally just get that time to breath, and I get to see the lovely boyfriend, which is always a major bonus.

But in better news, it's officially October, which means my birthday is just around the corner (woo!!!). I love this time of year, though not just because my birthday is coming up, but I will admit it's a definite perk. I just love everything about the fall. The temperature, the leaves, etc. I always look forward to fall and winter and just wish I could fast forward through spring and summer every year (I hate the heat).

Other than that, I have nothing new to report or philosophical ideas to discuss today. Just another boring day in the neighborhood.


Sarah said...

The headaches may be from stress. Are you in school? Do you work? Anything going on in life that's stressing you out?

I used to get headaches a lot when I was about 19 or 20. There was no explanation for them at first, and they came every day, and just like you, it always seemed to be in the afternoon (never did figure out why). I ended up going to the doctor, he said I may just be stressed, and suggested counseling. Low and behold, a few weeks later, no more headaches. I had so much shit going on that I didn't even realize was stressing me out.

As for your birthday, that's so exciting, because mine is this month too! The 18th.


Nicole said...

Stressed doesn't even begin to describe it, but I've been more stressed than this before and I've never had this happen. It's probably a combination of things. I just can't wait until it goes away. Until then, I'll blame it on my physics class :P

Yay, another October birthday! Mines the 12th. Only the cool people have their birthdays in October.

Sarah said...

Physics sounds like a perfect explanation. I heard Einstein used to get horrible headaches.

I just made that up, actually. I imagine he did though. I know I would have.

My step-brother, best friend, and two other friends of mine also have birthdays this month. It definitely is for the cool people. I just wish I was excited about it. 27 seems so old!


Nicole said...

If I were Einstein, I would've found something else to do. The world would have had to go without my brilliant mind just so I could spare myself the headaches.

I have three friends who have birthdays in October too. I think it should be mandatory that if you have an October birthday, you get the day off, not to mention a huge cake and lots of presents :]

Sarah said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Sarah said...
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