Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Want Another Day Off...and the Boy Scouts Just Got a Heck of A Lot Better

I took a day off Friday, and it was the best thing ever. No crabby/boring people to deal with, no work to worry about, just a day to sleep in, eat junk food, and not care.

But alas, all good things come to an end.

Monday is tomorrow. Monday is evil. I loathe Monday's.

For my interesting news today, I just read that the Boy Scouts plan to begin to hand out condom's to their troops in support for their one motto of "Be prepared."

The Scout Association claims to do this because they want to acknowledge the issue of under-age sex, and they want their older troops to feel comfortable to talk about sex with their parents.

The parents are complaining that this will encourage them to have more sex, which will lead to more teen pregnancies.

I'm not sure on where I stand on this. Do you help give valuable information to the teens, or do you honor the age old tradition and believe that if you don't inform them, they'll gain interest in other things? I think that teens should know all the information they can about sex, but I also know that for some of them, this will just encourage it. Not all, but some. And I understand that joining the Scouts is supposed to be a way to keep them away from dangerous activities, but I can say that I know few people who avoid things like sex, drugs and alcohol all together, and some of the people that do these things are in Scouts or similar activities, so they clearly don't keep them from it. Is it better to give them things that they might need, or hope they don't do these things?

Thoughts and opinions? Leave some comments! :]


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear... this is the Boy Scouts in the UK... not the US.

So far as I can tell the US Boy Scouts haven't commented...

Sarah said...

I see what you're saying about not telling them and hoping they find something else to be interested in and giving them out could possibly encourage some to have sex. But, would those ones who were encouraged to have sex by getting the condoms still have had sex before the others who aren't encouraged?

The way I see it, the same number of kids are going to have under-age sex whether you give them condoms or not. So, I think it's wise to hand them out for those kids who do decide to do it, that way they are safe. I rather them be safe and doing it at a young age than not safe and getting a girl pregnant at young age.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I see your point. Boy scouts don't need to be creating more boy scouts.