Monday, October 6, 2008

Two Days of Bliss

My weekend was fantastic. Not in the sense that I did a lot of fantastic things, but I enjoyed myself and finally relaxed for the first time in what felt like forever.

Friday I further mastered my cooking skills by once again, cooking chicken. One of my tasters even raved that it tasted like KFC, which made my night. Staying up late and watching television was even deeply enjoyed.

Saturday, I got to grocery shop, which to many people is a living hell, but I find it particularly fun. I don't know why. I guess I've always viewed it as an adventure ever since I was little, where it was a treat to get to go grocery shopping and pick out sugary snacks that me and my brother liked. Later that nice, the boyfriend came back and made dinner for me (Chicken was amazing). If that weren't sweet enough, I even got to have control of the remote that night, which rarely ever happens. I also became addicted to french vanilla cappuccino. I had originally really really wanted pumpkin spice cappuccino, and it was good, but too sweet. A few sips and I was done.

Sunday, I watch Donnie Darko. Weirdest movie I've ever seen. It's so strange and poorly made, but it kept me captivated all the same. I was constantly back and forth between laughing at how stupid some of the parts were to asking "What the hell just happened? What does that mean?" I then got to visit some friends that I hardly ever see, and it turns out I get to hang out them all this weekend too. How's that for a birthday present?

But, like always, Sunday night came, I had to say my good byes, and prepare myself for the always dreaded Monday. Turns out it wasn't too bad though. Let's just hope the rest of the week can be the same way ;]

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Sarah said...

Glad you had a good weekend, hun. Weekends with the people you love is always the best therapy.