Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Million and One Apologies

So terribly sorry for not writing anything in about a week (for those of you who care). It feels like everything major has just decided to be given (more like piled on) me, and with every second of down time I couldn't bring myself to pull myself off the couch and come to my computer to type a few lines. Yes, I am that lazy. My laziness is legendary in fact.

So, onto new rants and raves.

I'm extremely fed up with crossing guards. A complete waste of money and, on there part, effort. If you don't know how to cross a street once you're past the age of, oh about,10-12?, then you are having some serious issues my friend. I'm complaining about this because yesterday, while going to pick up my brother, I had to wait at an intersection where there was, you guessed it, a crossing guard. She stood in the middle of the road for 6 minutes (I timed it) waving her little stop sign around. Now I know that some of the people she was trying to get across the street were little kids. But a lot of them had parents with them, so they weren't completely defenseless. Besides, 6 minutes?! Can't the little kids wait a second for the cars to go through? I wasted more gas waiting there then I did on the entire little trip!

On a brighter note, it has begun to snow here in my little town. I love the snow, even more than I do the changing leaves, so be prepared to hear about my adoration for it many more times. It seems a little early to be having snow, but I don't care. I'm just happy to be rid of those 90 degree temperatures. Give me temperatures below zero any day. Though with all this snow, it feels like Thanksgiving or Christmas is coming up soon instead of Halloween. This has caused me to get into the spirit early, and as a result, I've already begun to bake cookies. It's never too early for holiday cookies is it? Well, okay maybe it can be, but that just means double the cookies, double the exercise!

Enough mindless babbling for now. I shall try (really really really try) this time to update at least every other day. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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