Saturday, October 4, 2008

Men Win Again

A disturbing and growing trend is occurring between students and teachers. It seems that many teachers find it appropriate to sleep with one, or many, of their students.

Why is it when people learn about this, time female teachers are sick and disgusting, but when the male teachers do it a lot of people don't like it, but many have responses like "Yeah, he got some nice young ass!" Men are always encouraged when they sleep with women, especially if they're significantly older or younger than them. With women, you're always a whore. Even if you've been dating a guy for awhile, you're still a whore.

Getting back to the main topic, I don't understand why there is a sudden rise in teachers doing this. People are supposed to come into this job wanting to be good educators, not get some from their students.

Back in 7th grade, I had a teacher sort of like this. On the day of a test, the girls would just wear a low cut shirt or a short skirt, and ta da, instant A plus. Back then, we thought it was cool because we could get good grades really easily. Looking back on it, it's extremely creepy. I mean, this guy was really old and most of the girls were about 12 or so. It's pretty repulsive.

So for the question of the day, have you ever had a teacher hit on you, or try to go a bit far? And what are your thoughts on the massive amounts of teachers that do it today?


Sarah said...

11th grade. Gym teacher. He got fired. That's probably all I should say about it, too.

I totally agree with you. Every time I see this in the news I am disgusted. No teacher should EVER be touching a student sexually. A student teacher relationship should stay that way. Going beyond that is completely wrong.

I've always wondered why men are encouraged to fuck all kinds of girls as fast as possible, but a girl that sleeps with even 2 guys in a relatively short span of time is labeled a whore. It makes absolutely no sense. And what's even more confusing is that it's guys who are most often labeling them.

On one hand, they want them and their friends to sleep with as many girls as possible, and on the other, if you are the girl who sleeps with him and his friends, you are a whore.

So which is it? Do you want to be able to sleep with girls for the sex? Or do you just want to sleep with them so you can call them whores?

It's absolutely mind boggling. Thankfully I don't have to deal with it lol.

<3 Sarah

Nicole said...

Tell me about it. Guys beg and plead for sex, but when you give it to them, you become a whore that they can talk about. They want to be able to get some action then talk about it to their friends. You can't always have your cake and eat it too.

God Himself said...

I'm a guy and I am completely on your side. I have never been the type to chase girls around strictly for sex, and I don't think it's fair that we can have all the sex we want and be viewed highly, when girls can barely have sex at all without being a whore.

It's a disgrace, honestly. I hate guys like that. We should all be able to enjoy the joys of sex however and whenever we want without being looked at differently. Whether that means looked highly upon or looked down upon doesn't matter. Who we have sex with and how often we have sex says nothing about us as a person.

Nicole said...

I agree completely. A person shouldn't be judged based on their sex life and who they have sex with. Our private life should be able to remain private without be scrutinized by the public.

Taylor said...

Hi Nicole. Sarah says she loves the things you write about and that I should read it, so here I is, saying hello.

Don't let men hold you down. They think they rule the world, but they dont. Next time you hear one of them talking about a "whore" turn it around on them and start calling them whores and see how they feel.

Nicole said...

Hey back. Another reader is always welcome :]

Good advice. Me and my friends have taken to calling them "man sluts." They don't seem pleased.

Matt Snyder said...

Now I'd have to say your being very bias. Your taking the women's side. When in reality you stemming of your whole problem is because of women. Now, just stay with me here. When a woman is called a whore, the majority of the time it will be from another woman. Only due to the fact that more women value virginity and sex. With most guys, its not as big of a deal. So when a guy sleeps with a woman, we don't view it as a negative thing. We don't call each other whores, or players, or what have you. For guys, there isn't a set timetable of how long you must be with a person before you can sleep with them. Women seem to have guidelines they must follow before being able to have sex with a man. And when a woman seems to have sex with a man too soon, she's suddenly a whore. And maybe women wouldn't be called whores if they didn't where a low cut shirt or skirt to get the things they wanted, such as good grades. Women know that they can use sex to get what they want, and the ones that do are called whores. And I'm not really sure that a lot of teachers are sleeping with students anymore. I haven't heard anything of the matter in quite a long time. Turn the clocks back 5 or 6 years and yeah. I'm sure you would. But then again, most of the stories I heard where about the teacher being a woman. I'm sure that quite a few male teachers, flirt, or fantasize about sleeping with a student. But I would believe that female teachers are more likely to act on it.

Nicole said...

I agree in that many women call others whores, but I've heard that statement many times from guys. I think that men value sex, unlike you said, but they just don't care how they get it. With girls, we do have a set guideline because for most of us, it's something that shouldn't be shared with just anyone.

Nicole said...

Also, there have been many teacher student relationships recently. It's just become so common that it no longer makes headline news. And yes, some girls get away with things such as grades by using sex. But if men didn't care about sex the way you said, things like short skirts and low cut shirts wouldn't matter.