Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's been too long

Sorry that it has been so long since I've posted something. A birthday leaves someone very busy. Yes, I'm officially one year older (though not necessarily wiser) as of Sunday. Also, a Happy Birthday wish to Sarah!

This has probably been the best birthday to date. I was supposed to go over to the boyfriends house Friday, but he called and said I couldn't come over for a bit. He wouldn't tell me where he was going, which of course left me suspicious of him doing some birthday shopping. As usual, I was right. He got me one of those digital frames that puts slide shows of you pictures on it. Well, he also got me a cake, and after giving me a piece (Oreo cake = fantastic), he decided he wanted to figure out how the frame worked. Well I was not going to be denied my cake, so I let him hook everything up. As it turns out, he had already figured out how to use it and pictures of us on it. So sweet!

I also got The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD (I love that movie, though I'm not sure why), a big basket full of perfume (a girl can never have too much of that) slippers (uber comfy) and the traditional, yet always welcome money. Aaaand I still get to pick out a camera. Fantastic birthday.

Anyway, now that all of that is over with, I'm going to try to get back to posting daily, but no promises. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Sarah said...

Aww, thanks for the birthday wish!

I was looking back through the comments I left you because I forgot that I had told you the date of my b-day, and I realized I put 18th instead of 12th. I hadn't even noticed you said yours was on the 12th too! Thats amazing! How I managed to type 18 instead of 12 is beyond me lol.

So happy birthday to you, too, honey! I hope you had a good day.

Nicole said...

Yeah the 18th and the 12th is a big difference....lol.

My birthday was awesome. I read that yours was a really good day too. Further proof that October birthday's are the best!

brandon said...

Happy Late Birthday to both of you girls.

You girls are lucky to have it when it's still slightly nice outside. I'd kill to have a spring/summer/fall birthday, but no, I got stuck with the middle of winter. Go me.

Nicole said...


Having a birthday in the middle of winter can't be that bad. How can you not like snow?