Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Addictions and Obsessions

Okay, so I'm sure everyone out there has at least one addiction, one obsession that they just can't let go of, or at least couldn't let go of it for a significant period of time. As for me, I try to not get too attached, but I do have my weaknesses. So here they are, in no particular order.

Twilight - Yes, I am one of the millions of Edward-crazed girls, and I don't care who knows it. I'd gladly become a vampire any day.

Food - I'm an extremely picky eater, but when I find something I like, look out. Like 90% of the population, I made a New Year's Resolution to lose some poundage, and that idea only began to sink in this past week. Goodbye my tasty friend :[.

My MP3 Player - It's little, it's cute, and it has pink headphones. It provides entertainment and an escape. What's not to love?

Reading - I'd like to say about 50% of my time is spent with a nose in a book. Again, it's like an escape, but a different kind of escape than that of my MP3 player. This is more like a really awesome vacation.

Taking Stupid Pictures - I have mastered some of the sickest faces. Enough said.

Being Lazy - The first thing I do when I get home is change into pajamas. That's how eager I am to lapse into my laziness. Give me some sweats and a hoodie anyday.

Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, and Will & Grace - I absolutely adore these T.V. shows. And yes yes, they're a bit girly, but guess what, I'm a girl and that's what I like :].

Sleeping with my Little Dog at my Feet - She's cute, she snores, and she keeps my feet warmer than any pair of socks could. I love my little dog :]

Talking to the Boyfriend at Least Once a Day - To quote my first obsession, "You're exactly my brand of heroine." He's the perfect solution to a bad day, or a lovely bonus to a good day. I love hearing his voice every day. He's the cheese to my macaroni :].

So yeah, this is what my life consists of on a day to day basis. Your addictions and obsessions? Leave me some responses.


Matt Snyder said...

I'm fine with all your addictions except for gilmore girls =P

Jared Moffett said...

What the hell????
Where is the hanging out with cool kids like jared fucking moffett addiction. XD

=] you're a good writer dude!