Monday, January 19, 2009

Too Many Items, too Little Money

The list of things I want has dramatically increased in the past day. I'm not the usual girl who wants all the frilly things, like new shoes, and a new cell phone, and a new purse (though I would never complain to those who would like to give those things to me...), but in the amount of time it takes to research something on this fantastic world wide web, I'm finding myself craving more and more things.

For instance, I really, really would love the book "A Ticket to Ride" by Dennis Potter. The book seems absolutely awesome, and I would give anything to get my fingers on it. It seems however, that it is out of print, and very few copies of it were made, making it a now pricey item. The cheapest I could find it for was about ninety-eight dollars, which I can't afford to be spending on a book, despite how much I want it.

This my friends is only the tip of the iceberg. I have numerous other books on my list, too many for me to list. Right now, as I'm writing some of the titles down, it comes out to over thirty books. Yes, I am that much of a nerd. And proud I might add.

I have also taken my painting back up again. It's sort of a zen thing for me. Painting and walks. And since its barely been over zero degrees this past few days, I'm stuck inside painting. And reading. And wishing I could be on a walk.

That's about all the updates/complaining I have for now. If anyone is feeling generous, feel free to send a copy of A Ticket to Ride to me. Until next time beloved readers :]


Matt Snyder said...

God your so wanting. Your always asking for stuff. Don't be so selfish.


just kidding darling.

Nicole said...

i dont ask for nearly as much as you do, so who is the selfish one now? :P