Monday, February 2, 2009

People These Days...

So I'm writing this blog out of boredom and because I have to wait for some hot water to come back since my brother found it necessary to take a thirty minute shower. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Okay, so my first two complaints today go out to our lovely Miss Mother Nature. It seems that all the snow that had accumulated last week decided to melt today, which would have been fine, had it not all frozen over tonight when the temperatures dropped. This means I'll be ice skating instead of walking when I go out for my usual walking escapade.

The second complaint occurs because last week, the ever-trusty weatherman stated that we were to receive about a foot of snow this week, which of course I was happy about. There is nothing better than being snowed in. (Plus it would cover up all that slippery ice.) But it turns out mother nature decided to play a cruel joke and have this wonderful blizzard skip over my little town. Instead of a foot of snow, I'll be lucky to get an inch. Excuse me while I try to contain my enthusiasm.

Third complaint goes to the boyfriend. He finally agreed to read Twilight (yes ladies, it is possible) ((and no I don't think its gay)). So he brings it over with him today to read, and when I look at the cover, it had some sort of gunk all over it. This is possibly one of the worst crimes to commit. Defacing a book is one thing, but defacing a Twilight book?! Are you out of your mind?!
Thankfully, I saved the masterpiece and spared the cover of looking like it just crawled out of a garbage can. Another day, another book saved. No need to thank me people, really.

Well, that's about it for my joyous news of the day. Any crappy weather predicaments in your neck of the woods? Or just complaints in general? Comment it folks :]


Matt Snyder said...

I didnt ruin your book! argh.
All we had to do is scrub it off.
and i still dont think i did it.

Jared Moffett said...

Yeah, he didn't ruin your book!
And besides if it were that important to you, I'm sure you would have gotten a special cover for it.

So don't blame him in a blog, Blame yourself for not getting a cover. XD