Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old Hearts

Okay, while going through some old files on my computer today, I came across part of a book that I was inspired to write way back in the day (i.e. 7th grade). The book was titled Random Nothingness, and the entire thing was made up of just that, nothingness. But since one of the parts of the book was about Valentine's Day, I figured I'd share my past writing with you. Now keep in mind, this isn't really how I feel about Valentine's anymore, mainly because of the boyfriend, and that I was about...ehhh, 13 or 14 when I wrote this. Enjoy :]

February 14, The Day Cupid Died
Okay, can someone please explain to me the big deal of Valentine's Day? Is it just a Commercial holiday like everyone says, or is it actually a day for celebrating your love/lust with someone else? Anyway, whoever came up with the idea must be making a killing. Wilted flowers, stuffed possessed-looking animals, and boxes of cheap chocolate in packages that are in the shapes of hearts seem to be everywhere. Not to mention the colors red and pink. You can't escape. I guarantee that every store you go to will be like that. I'm sure that we weren't always this obsessed with it. But now they're programming us at an early age to start buying valentine cards and to waste our money on useless things that will most likely be thrown away as soon as that person gets home. In kindergarten they make you buy valentines for the whole class, but unless your valentine has candy on/with it, it will immediately be discarded. They still make you buy cards for everyone throughout elementary school, but as you get older the bigger or prettier ones go to the people you secretly like or are trying to get in good with so you can either be A.) popular, or B.) have a good word put in for you toward your crush (ex. You give a cute kitten card to your victims, I mean crushes sibling or friend, so that way they might comment on it toward them.) I just find the whole holiday to be a waste of time and money. That is unless I am the one receiving this stuff. Otherwise all it does is make people crazy. Like if you think this guy has been eying you in class and in the halls, and your really excited because you get yourself thinking that he is gonna give you something, then your really disappointed on V-day (or in this case D-day) because it turns out that he had a girlfriend and you ended up with squat and you spend the whole day crying, upset, or just totally distracted. Or your the one with the boyfriend and he forgets or doesn't get you anything and again you end up spending the day crying or upset or totally distracted. Maybe V-day isn't all that upsetting, it's just that the guy's make it that way. This might be an interesting factor to study. Note to self: be sure to send in Valentine Day Massacre theory to a major University, like Harvard or something. Ah well, that is all I had to mention for the moment. I'll be sure to get back to you on another totally pointless subject soon. Chat to you later.
- A Heartless Cupid


Matt Snyder said...

I'm sure you probably don't feel that way anymore.


Jared Moffett said...

Ha! Note to self.

You're hilarious in seventh grade.

What happened?

XD just kidding