Monday, September 29, 2008

I Don't Understand

I don't understand the problem that the world has with the gay community. I personally see nothing wrong with it, and it baffles me that some people oppose it so strongly.

The reason this came up is because I was out on a walk tonight and I bumped into some family friends. We started talking and of course the regular topic of school came up. Their son, who is my age, goes to a local career center, and another student from our school who also goes there, and happens to be gay, was mentioned. Upon hearing his name, the one person begins his complaining on "Oh that over the top gay guy. What's he going for, cosmetology? I can't believe he thinks he's gay." Now, this guy he is talking about happens to be a friend of mine, but I'm not complaining about it just because of that. I just don't understand why everyone finds it so offensive. None of them try to convert the rest of society into being gay. They don't cause any problems. They just wish to live their lives as they want to, and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Some people may argue a religious stand point and say that God never intended it to be that way. Well, God is supposed to be forgiving of your sin's, if you could even call it that, so once again, why is it so bad? If you ask me, there are worse things a person could do than be gay.

Another popular topic is the "Don't ask, Don't tell". Another thing that I disagree with. They want them to fight, but fight for what? Rights that they don't have? Ugh.

Thoughts and opinions? Send some comments.


someone said...

Oh my God, thank you! Tell this to my family. They think I'm Satan in the flesh because I like other women.

You nailed this. It's 100% true. I will never understand why we are considered to be the plague of society. People against us think we set up recruitment centers like the military does and send out pamphlets to high school so we can amass an army of homosexuals to take over the world.


Thanks for understanding and standing up for us!

Nicole said...

Anytime! I swear if I hear one more person complain about it, I'm going to lose it. It's one thing to disagree with it, but to hate someone without even knowing them just because they're gay is absolutely ridiculous. And the assumptions they make are even worse. I'm slowly helping people see the other side.