Saturday, November 1, 2008


As I'm sure everyone is painstakingly aware, the holiday's are coming up. And with the holidays comes great food, fun times with family and friends, and the always welcome presents. Of course, this also means tight jeans, annoying relatives, and a need for more cash. I guess the opposite of the famous saying is true, for every silver lining, there's a cloud.

I want the holiday's this year to be the best. And I already have tons of ideas to make it the best. Limited money however is going to put a damper on it.

This happens every year. I always have the best gift ideas. I can find ten billion things for everyone on my list. Sadly, I never have enough money to make that happen.

So, this year, I'm going to make budget-friendly holiday cheer. How might I do this you ask? Well, I have a few solutions. Instead of splurging on gifts for everyone and worrying about spending what amount on what person, I'm going to limit the money I spend on gifts and give them some sweet treats on the side, like cookies, cakes, yada yada. Actually, I just found a great book today that shows you how to make cheap but cute food on the holidays. I can't wait to get to the baking/cooking extravaganza.

Happy late Halloween and early Christmas to everyone! :P

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